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Congratulations to Ngai Shing Winning the 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries of Machinery & Equipments Design

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Ngai Shing aims to promote cost effect of garment industry with exquisite machines
     Globalization of economic makes more and more intense competition, therefore better cost control and stable HR is definitely a necessary key if  manufacturing industries want to maintain their own competitive strength. Ngai Shing development limited has researched and developed brand new automatic pattern machine NS-6039-1,which can enhance competitive strength of garment industry through standard and flexible manufacturing mode, thus we got the 2015 Hong kong Awards for  Industries of  Machinery & Equipments Design successfully.

     Ngai Shing has attended Hong Kong Awards for  Industries these years actively and have gotten awards many times. As for design conception, Our  director Mr. Yuka Leung explained that it’s related with ecological transforming of garment industry these several years. All kinds of  industries including garment have facing the challenge from material cost and employees’ cost etc. With the improvement of employees’ education level, traditional system of learning from trainer isn’t applicable anymore, so we need a completed set of machine which can be operated fluently by employees to promote productivity and quality effectively. Cheap labours will disappear due to  new developed countries all around the world focusing on living and education and globalization of information. Nowadays, management and technology level of garment factories has improved, for example, some factories have established scaled equipment department to make overall plan of machineries and equipments, jigs and fixtures etc. thus also enhance the performance and push ability of automatic equipments.
Stable output of new machine and Easy mould replacement
      It is told by Mr. Yuka Leung that the feature of winning work automatic pattern machine lies in standardization and stable production. There’s a certain distance in productivity between skilled technicians and greeners such as employees not on their work shifts influencing work schedule, meanwhile, our automatic pattern machine can overcome such a problem. Yu said an automatic pattern machine of cheap priced and replaceable mould can fit for small batched and customized requirements better, helping garment industry handling salary and labour as well as reducing cost and increase profit to step into process of sustainable development.
      Ngai Shing has won Hong Kong Awards for  Industries of  Machinery & Equipments Design and Hong Kong Awards for  Industries of  Machinery & Equipments Design Certificate of Merit respectively in 2006 and 2014.Mr.Yu hold the view that award is the communicating platform of industries which can provide guidance and support for enterprises who joined, helping them find suitable develop direction. As for Ngai Shing outstanding in these awards, he believe the key point is that we company can learn market trend and state garment industry paying more attention to cost profit. Therefore, we research and develop some environmental and energy saving machines actively to catch the market requirements. What’s more, it’s very important that the whole team can aim at same target with one heart, so our award is the reward of  management concentrically.

Success keys
Automation operation can raise output and consistency of product.
● Can replace moulds by needs and mould price is cheaper.